Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Costume ideas

My last post ripped ESPN, so here's a funny article from ESPN.COM by DJ Gallo (wonder if he hangs out with DJ Stu Scott. An excerpt about Halloween costumes:

....I think my favorite, though, was this one little girl who dressed up as a ballerina, added some fake gold teeth and said she was Chad Johnson.

Another kid dressed up as Peyton Manning. He had the white cleats, white uniform pants, blue No. 18 Colts jersey, dorky $6 haircut from SuperCuts -- the whole 9 yards. The annoying thing was that he kept changing his mind about what candy he wanted -- audibling, basically. "I want Snickers … no, a Kit Kat … no, make that a Twizzlers … never mind, I'm going with Starburst." And then, when he finally made up his mind and I gave him what he wanted, he choked on it.

Then, at around 11 p.m. or so, I got one last knock on my door, and the guy standing outside was dressed up as Ryan Leaf of all people, but he was holding a pizza. Only it turned out to be the actual Ryan Leaf and he was merely delivering the pizza I had ordered. Totally surreal....

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Bryan said...

DJ Gallo is the guy who does sportspickle.com