Sunday, November 27, 2005

Some baseball

As I watch Brady and the Pats look foolish against the Chiefs, it may be best to think about some baseball:
  • Great move by the Mets getting Delgado, especially with the Marlins still paying for some of his salary. If the Mets get Manny too, I'd go out of my way to watch them.
  • Don't understand how teams like the Marlins and Phillies give other teams money to pay players they're trading away. I'd rather spend too much on a player than pay a lot of money for nothing.
  • Analyzing the Jim Thome trade, the key word is "if." If Thome regains his form, this is a great trade for the White Sox. It helps the Sox that the Phillies are still paying a lot of Thome's contract, but the White Sox are still putting a lot of trust in their doctors who say Thome can stay healthy. As for the Phillies, if Ryan Howard turns out to be as good as he looked in his rookie year, the trade's acceptable. If he isn't and Thome thrives in Chicago, the trade is terrible.
  • According to the NY Daily News, the Braves are entering the Billy Wagner sweepstakes. BJ Ryan's lucrative contract and three division rivals fighting over the best reliever on the free agent market will make Wagner a very wealthy man. The Red Sox are reportedly interested in Wagner, but I don't see that happening.
  • Brian Giles is looking for about $30 million over 3 years, and the Yankees might give it to him. He put up some nice numbers with the Pirates during the steroid era, but do you really want to give $30 million to a player who batted .301 with 15 homeruns and 83 RBI last year? Maybe Giambi can give him some good masking agents.
  • Need some Christmas shopping ideas: How about an old Busch Stadium urinal for $2,174?

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