Monday, November 07, 2005

Colts greatest team ever

The Colts beat a Pats team who were missing their two best defensive players, have a pathetic secondary (I think I'm next on the depth chart at strong safety), and two rookies on their offensive line. So according to John Madden, the Colts have "made the leap."

Others will be making a big deal about this too, but the Colts still haven't really been tested. It will be nice to see them go undefeated in the regular season and then choke in the playoffs. But if that happens, at least they'll have their historic November 7th triumph to hang their hats on .


Anonymous said...

You are an obvious hater. Although the pats are beat up, the Colts deserve credit for stomping them on their own turf. They are easily the best team in the NFL right now but perhaps only because the league seems mediocre this year.

Alan said...

Colts are a good team but people are getting carried away with the significance of the game. If you watched Manning after the game he was downplaying the win because he knows there's so much more his team needs to do. Guess he's a hater too.

Anonymous said...

No, he is a class act. Just like you said.

The Colts hadn't won in New England in their last 7 attempts. The win was surely siginificant.

The Godfather said...

Let it be known that for once I am keeping my mouth shut.
One comment though on Madden. I heard an interesting point from Dennis & Callahn on WEEI one morning about McCarver. They rarely say anything worthwhile so I happened to remember this. Broadcasters for national telecasts are generally neutral. They tend to favor the team winning. So if you are watching a game and your team is losing, it always seems like the announcers are favoring the other team. If your team is winning, you really son't care what the announcers are saying so you don;t notice. I think there is some truth to this theory.
One example, how frustrating must it have been for a Buffalo Bills fan to weatch that Pats/Bills Sunday night game? With all the Bruschi hype, you wouldn't have even know who the Pats were playing unless you payed close attention. And the Bills were winning most of the game. Bruschi's comeback was a great story so I didn't mind the hype, but I think it would have been upsetting if I was a Bills fan.
Just a thought.

Patriotsy2k said...

Godfather, are you trying to say that Madden favors the winning team during MNF broadcasts? I am not sure what your point is. I can see this comment about McCarver and that SNF game between Ted Bruschi and the Bills. Please clarify.