Thursday, November 17, 2005

Is AJ Burnett worth $50 million


In the name of Matt Clement, no! His career record is 49-50 and last year he was 12-12. For years we've been hearing about his raw talent and potential, and that he might turn into a great pitcher. If I'm spending $50 million though, I want someone who is a great pitcher, not one that might become one.

It looks like the Blue Jays and about ten other teams disagree with me.


Patriotsy2k said...

I personally saw AJ in a few games this past year. He has great stuff, and was on a roll in the middle of the season. Then something happened, where he then was pitching poorly and not getting quality starts. His year ended by getting tossed from the team with 1 week left after bad-mouthing Jack McKeon in the post-game locker room. The start he missed caused him to miss a big incentive for starts.
Anyways, I'd still like to see him in a Sox uniform. I just would be concerned about the Tommy John surgery he had in '03, and the minor injuries he keeps getting that put him on the short term DL.
It doesn't matter what I or anyone thinks about his chances of signing with Boston, cause he is going to sign with Toronto. He has a good relationship with former Marlin pitching coach Brad Arnsberg, who courted him with Roy Halladay last month by bringing him to a Maple Leaf game. That should be a good 1-2 punch.

The Godfather said...

the comparison I would make is to the Carl Pavano signing last year. AL teams have to be a bit cautious about signing NL pitchers with upside potential. AL East teams especially since you play half your games aginst divisional opponents, Toronto will play quite a few games against Boston & New York's powerful lineups and even Baltimore has some dangerous bats in there. By averages, this means that potentially 40% of his starts will be against AL East teams. To pay someone $50 million, I'd probably want a more established pitcher.