Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Quote of the Year

"Someone compared the AFC East with the NL West this year. At least the Padres had a defense."

-Patriotsy2k, in "Few more thoughts on Pats & Colts" comment section


Bryan said...

Watch yourself here...
The NFC North is much, much more comparable to the NL West

Patriotsy2k said...

OK Bryan, let me compare team by team. On my first attempt to post this earlier this week, it didn't work when I clicked the "login and publish" button.
The Padres, in the NL West, are the Pats of the AFC East. Someone has to win the division with a .500 record, which is very possble with the Pats.
The SF Giants are the NYJets. Each team suffered one big injury and have played below expectations.
The D-Backs are the Miami Dolphins, with both teams enjoying early success before falling back to earth. Both teams also have a small pool in their stadiums.
The Dodgers are the Bills. Little offense, old and run-down stadiums. Questionable personnel decisions - JP Losman starting the season....keeping Milton Bradley and Jeff Kent in the same zip code.
There was no space for the Rockies. Then again, are they really an MLB team?